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 Community Coaching Program

More about the Community Coaching Program

The Community Coaching Program is a free service offered by the Hornick School of Coaching to make coaching support available to individuals and organizations who would not otherwise have the benefits of coaching support.

The coaching engagements with the CCP include five coaching sessions that last from 45-60 minutes. The duration of the engagement lasts about one month. The next engagements will commence in late January 2024. Other engagements will commence in February and March. Early applicants are more likely to be accepted.


The engagements are often profoundly valuable. They are usually fun, too. Feedback from clients is almost always very positive. 


When a coaching engagement commences, the coach and the client schedule all five sessions for times that are mutually convenient. While coaches are usually quite flexible in finding times to schedule, they are not flexible about rescheduling. People who cannot commit to the schedule of their appointments are discouraged from applying. We cannot accommodate people who can’t schedule reliably.


The coaches in the program are students in the Hornick School of Coaching who are training for professional certification as coaches. They coach CCP clients under the direction of an experienced mentor coach. In the course of their training, each student coach works with four clients in the Community Coaching Program.


At this point in time, the CCP is available only to people at least 18 years old.


If you are interested in support for a person or people in your non-profit, charitable, or civic organization, you can direct those individuals to apply or you can click here to connect with 


 Click Here To Apply

For more information, please contact Daniel Finn, HSoC Community Liaison.

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