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Testimonials for Fundamentals of Coaching

Paulina, Greenfield

"This program helped me examine a work situation with a focused lens, allowing purchase, perspective, and possible avenues of experimentation. In the process, I learned a great deal about myself and strategies I can adopt to become a better version of myself as well as acting to bring out the best in others. Best of all, I connected with caring classmates to explore a new landscape together under the direction and care of Josh. I would highly recommend this program and Josh as a teacher.."

Patrick, Greenfield

"I would strongly recommend this program to individuals who are looking to improve their people management and supervisory skills as well as to people who are considering doing any kind of coaching (e.g., life, leadership, athletic).."

Tammis, Amherst

"Josh energized us towards a fun and heartfelt exploration of how to show up more fully to each other and ourselves. We learned skills that we could practice immediately in our lives. So many of us returned to class with heartwarming stories demonstrating the value of our learning."

Nina, Amherst

“This is a tremendous class for anyone interested in coaching - as a growth path for themselves or as a beginning step into the profession. Josh is a delightful leader and his love for this work is infectious. The coaching work he demonstrated in the class was exciting and surprising; he is clearly a master.”

Piyali, Greenfield

"Change begins with you! If you have ever had an interest in helping others to make the changes they know they need and want to make, whether in business, sports, relationship or in any area of their life, then sign up for Josh Hornick's "Fundamentals of Coaching" class and experience this amazing transformation in your own life. When you see the changes beginning to unfurl in yourself, you will know that you have witnessed firsthand, the principles at work. Josh's class is experiential rather than didactic, and this is what makes it so powerful."
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