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   “This is the only ICF-accredited coaching certification program that I recommend. Hornick is a deep thinker, a first-rate coach, and an extraordinary teacher. He also knows how to create a successful coaching practice. If someone wants to learn how to coach and how to BE a great coach, enroll in this program.”









Steve Chandler, The “Godfather of Coaching," author of How to Get Clients and co-author of The Prosperous Coach

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Maureen McLauglin, Dir. of Strategic Projects and Chief of Staff, Mill Town Capital, MA

     Attending the ICF coaching program was a transformative experience for me. The accessible approach made it easy to grasp complex concepts and integrate them into my practice. Josh is an engaging teacher who kept us captivated and inspired throughout the course, creating a vibrant and.

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Becoming a Coach Program

Do you want to develop the skills to be a superb coach?​


Becoming a Coach is a unique coach training program. It's an intimate and highly interactive program. For some people, it is perfect.


If you think this may be right for you, Josh Hornick will want to talk with you personally. Click here and we will schedule a time. The personal nature of this program is one of the things that sets it apart.

Becoming a Coach prepares you to coach professionally. It is an intimate program, capped at 20 students. Each student receives personal attention from an outstanding faculty. We know of no comparable program. The most similar programs cost more that twice as much.


Along with building on the fundamental understandings that ground a coach, Becoming a Coach teaches a range of techniques and provides ample practice and critique to develop the skill to actually coach people. Hornick School of Coaching is an International Coaching Federation accredited school so graduates of Becoming a Coach may apply for Associate Certified Coach certification.

Becoming a Coach is offered two times a year and runs for 15 weeks. The training includes:

  • Content training in profound, interactive seminars. Students report that they look forward to coming to each of these.

  • Practice coaching with real clients. (See Community Coaching Program.)

  • Group mentor coaching.

  • One-on-one mentor coaching.

  • Critique sessions where your coaching is critiqued by mentor coaches.

  • Listening to recordings of master coaches and some other content from experts in different areas.

The program requires on average seven hours per week. After a six-hour Saturday kick-off, most of the fixed-schedule sessions take place in 2.5-hour, on-line meetings. Classes are recorded and live-participation at a few classes can be missed without a problem.

We thought long and hard about the design and content of the program and we always iterate it so it constantly improves. It is engaging and interactive. If you have ever done any training (or been to high school or college), you know how big a difference great teaching and well-designed sessions make.


There is an almost unlimited amount that one can study and learn to improve one's coaching. In fact, ongoing learning is a requirement for being a professional coach. There is philosophy, psychology, organizational development, human dynamics, somatics, neuroscience, spirituality, religion, communication, visualizations, leadership, anthropology, relationships. The list goes on.


BaC was designed to introduce you to a variety of coaching modalities while provided enough experience of basic coaching techniques so that you become comfortable, even eager, to be coaching people. Many BaC participants start working with independent clients before completing the program.

BaC also provides no-nonsense instruction on how to build a coaching practice. That's significant because most practice-building advice marketed and taught to coaches is nonsense. (If you want to get a head start on really understanding how a coaching practice is built, and you are a book person, pick up a copy of Jones's Total Coaching Success or Chandler and Litvin's The Prosperous Coach.)

Some participants come to Becoming a Coach without any intention of establishing independent coaching practices. Professional level training in coaching is of huge value in almost every human endeavor, professional and personal. As a result, people come to BaC who are administrators, service providers, teachers, clergy, consultants, therapists, even carpenters. It makes them better at their jobs. It makes them better at human relationships. It is a life-changing experience.

And, in keeping with HSoC's mission to make coaching available to people and places where isn't yet, we provide the program at a price point that is substantially lower than any comparable program we know of.

BaC is offered twice per year. The next cohort of BaC starts in September 2024. Slots are filled on a first come, first served basis. For information on cost and scheduling for the the program that starts in September, click here.

For more information about BaC, email

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