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What People Say About the
Becoming a Coach Program

This is the only ICF-accredited coaching certification program that I recommend.


Hornick is a deep thinker, a first-rate coach, and an extraordinary teacher. He also knows how to create a successful coaching practice.


If someone wants to learn how to coach and how to BE a great coach, enroll in this program.

Steve Chandler Headshot.png

Steve Chandler

The “Godfather of Coaching," author of How to Get Clients and co-author of

The Prosperous Coach

Kayla Beard

I am delighted to have participated in the Becoming a Coach program. Josh is an amazing teacher, mentor, colleague and friend. His warmth, caring and sense of humor are ever present in the classes and discussions and I would look forward to each one. I’ve learned so much in a short time and feel very confident in my approach to being there for my clients and I’ve become a much better listener through our workshops and individual coaching meetings.


I could not recommend this course highly enough and I am truly grateful for the efforts of Josh and his team!

Headshot-Andrew Singer.jpg

Andrew Singer, MD

Maureen McLaughlin

Director of Strategic Projects and Chief of Staff, Mill Town Capital, MA

Attending the ICF coaching program was a transformative experience for me. The accessible approach made it easy to grasp complex concepts and integrate them into my practice. Josh is an engaging teacher who kept us captivated and inspired throughout the course, creating a vibrant and interactive learning environment. In addition to the virtual classes, one of the highlights was the deep connection I developed with my classmates, fostering a supportive community that enriched my learning journey and that continues today.


The mentor coaches were exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced, providing invaluable insights and guidance. Their mentorship was instrumental in honing my coaching skills and boosting my confidence. The immediate applicability of the critique sessions allowed me to start practicing and seeing results right away, making the entire experience incredibly rewarding.

This program thoroughly prepared me to practice coaching at a professional level by emphasizing the critical fundamentals of mind, body, and spiritual preparation. I learned how to cultivate mental clarity and resilience, maintain physical wellness, and nurture a deep sense of spiritual alignment. These holistic elements were seamlessly integrated into the curriculum, ensuring that I am not only equipped with practical tools and techniques but also grounded in a comprehensive understanding of 

and belief in coaching. I feel both humbled and empowered to create a holding space and relationship where my clients become agents of their insights and revelations and create the change they seek to achieve their goals and aspirations.


I highly recommend The Hornick School of Coaching' Becoming a Coach program!

Dr. Sue Keller

Gina Simm Headshot.png

Gina Simm

Author of Heart to Heart: A Manual for Parents and Teachers

I was in the first cohort of both the “Fundamentals of Coaching” program and the “Becoming a Coach” program. . .  I’m a retired teacher and therefore tuned into effective teaching. Josh is a retired teacher and this supports his effectiveness as a teacher of coaching. I benefitted highly from Josh’s tutelage. I’m a Life Coach myself now and really enjoying it. Thanks to Josh, I am grounded in my own goodness and can see and encourage the goodness in others.

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