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The Promise of Coaching

Boy, do we need it now!

I wasn't doing so well.


I convinced myself that I never had to become really good at anything. Jobs and projects never quite worked out. I was anxious. And, dissatisfied. And, I was afraid to let on that I was that way. Self-righteous. Unappreciative.


I never earned enough money. Even after I inherited a bunch of money, without foolishly squandering it, I managed to return to a place of financial jeopardy quickly.


My first wife walked out on me. I alienated my closest brother. I was repeatedly on the edge of financial crisis, living like a college student. Thank goodness I was never evicted. Bless my wife (my current wife of 24 years) for staying with me.


Then, I got coached. And, now I'm a happier person. And, a more successful person. And, a more loving person. I'm doing quite well, thank you.


And, now I coach others who become happier and more successful. They earn more money. They create projects and support their communities in ways they only dreamed about before. They work smoothly with coworkers and clients and bosses who used to make them miserable. They are no longer anxious on Sunday about going back to work on Monday. They are more relaxed in general. They have great relationships with family when they didn't before. Some even lose weight. I know how to make that happen for people. I learned how to do that. I know how to bring out the best in others.


Each of us can become so much more than we are. We can overcome our own problems. We can solve the problems of the world. But, we rarely get there alone. We need the help of people who bring out the best in us, people who have mastered the skill of lifting us up.


The name that we give to that skill, the skill of lifting us up, is coaching.


Boy, do we need it now.


We need more professional coaches in all communities, lifting up the people in their communities. And, we need everybody, senators and janitors, to build coaching skills, so they become better at lifting up the people with whom they live and work.


Some people have naturally great coaching skills. Some have lousy coaching skills. Whatever the level of a person's coaching skills, they can be improved. As people get better and better at coaching, everything gets better. Communication and outlook transform on an individual level and on a group level. Life becomes more relaxed, more productive, and more loving. It becomes less troubled, less boring, and less anxious.


We are at an exciting time, historically, in that we now know, better than ever before, how to develop coaching skills. If someone wants to develop the skills of empowering others, they can learn the science and the art of coaching and develop their mastery.


In corporate America today, it's understood that people think better and perform better with coaching support. Coaching support is made available to corporate executives. That's great, but we really want more people to have the benefit of good coaching, and we want more people, whose job title is not coach, to bring coaching skills into their work. This is especially so in the area of community development, civic engagement, and small businesses.


I am devoted to lifting people up. Even before I was a coach, I earned awards for my contribution to the quality of life in college and in law school. I co-founded North Star, a non-profit that has "saved the lives" of a multitude of teenagers, making their lives more successful and happy. I founded The Hornick School of Coaching to bring the wisdom of coaching to the places it has not yet entered.


The Hornick School of Coaching brings the world's best coach training at the most affordable cost to individuals who will extend the benefits of coaching to people and organizations who don't have it now. This is a rising tide that lifts all ships. Miracles happen with the support of powerful coaching. Our selves, our families, our communities, our organizations, our nation, and our world could all use some miracles. We are making that happen.


We promise

  • If you are someone who believes that people in general are capable of becoming so much more, and

  • If you want to be a person who helps others to step into what's possible for them,

  • Engaging with The Hornick School of Coaching will change your life.

                                                                            Joshua Hornick, Educational Director

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