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Fundamentals of Coaching

Fundamentals of Coaching is a life changing Program. It is designed to be that way. It's not just learning new stuff. While the Program does introduce new ideas, it calls on you to apply wisdom you already have. What would your life be like if you applied the wisdom you already know?

The Fundamentals experience has flexible fees. This supports our commitment to making the experience available to anyone who truly wants to get better at bringing out the best in others.

There is an old story about a woman who goes up to Heaven. At the gates, she asks St. Peter if--before she passes through those gates--she can see what the other place is like. St. Peter obliges and leads her to the elevator going down.


As the she gets close to the iron gates, she smell the aroma of delicious food. When she arrives at the iron gates she sees multitudes of people sitting at huge banquet tables full of delicacies cooked to perfection. The problem is that each person only has a pair of chopsticks that is three feet long. Try as they might, they can't get the food to their mouths. So, they are forever in torment. The woman tells St. Peter that she has seen enough.


The saint takes her back up to Heaven and opens the pearly gates. As he does, the woman is flooded with the scent of delicious food. And, she sees multitudes of people sitting at huge banquet tables full of delicacies. Just like in the other place, everyone has a pair of chopsticks that is three feet long.


Everyone is feeding the people next to them.


Fundamentals is an experience that makes you better at feeding the people next to you. The people in your family. The people at school or at work. The people you meet on the street. Even people you don't know. It is very practical and it changes your life.


Coaching (life coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching, relationship coaching, productivity coaching) is the science and art of bringing out the best in other people. For many endeavors, coaching skills are essential. In others, they are just helpful.


The Program covers

  • techniques and mindsets that make you more effective at bringing out the best in other people.

  • a variety of useful coaching distinctions and choices.

  • ways to establish habitual behaviors.

  • the structure and elements of coaching conversations.

  • how to engage in conversation so your advice or questions actually help.

The six two-hour sessions of the Program (whether in person or online) are group based and playful. While information about coaching is "taught", participants' most profound insights come through introspection and the process of conversation. Your way of seeing things changes as you combine the wisdom you already have with the frameworks and concepts of coaching through the conversational process. It's engaging, fun, and life-changing.

The six sessions deal with the following topics:

  1. Possibility,

  2. Relaxation,

  3. Choice and action,

  4. Desire,

  5. Creativity and imagination, and

  6. Transformation.

Your new coaching skills will support your work professionally and personally. The insights you get from the program will affect your life immediately. Developing mastery at coaching, like any art, takes dedicated practice. Here you will learn the fundamentals which you can continue to practice. You may continue to train also. The credits from this course can be applied to professional coach certification. 


Advisory note: The process of coach training, even in a fundamentals program, demands introspection and vulnerability. It's not like studying chemistry. Attention to your subjective experience is required.

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